“This combination website and blog is intended as a way to become familiar with my work.  In recording the stories and ideas that best communicate something universal about the human condition, I hope to bring a deeper awareness of our interconnectedness – one that transcends material boundaries.”

Jack Hunter Cohen has been an actor, filmmaker, musician, songwriter, writer, record store clerk, gas station attendant, answering service operator, bartender, waiter, restaurant manager, motorcycle messenger, cab driver, chauffeur, mobile notary, commercial realtor, event organizer, interviewer.  He produced the documentary, “Messengers“, based on his travels through Europe and the US from 1992 through 1996.   He is presently developing his second film, Women and Men, and re-editing the Messengers material.  He continues to interview persons of interest wherever he finds them. He currently lives in Los Angeles.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jack, thanks for your tribute to Willa which I passed on to someone close to her. I’m sure there’ll be a big gathering to honour her @ her funeral – we do that well in glastonbury when one of our special ones depart. It’s a town by the way not a village. Street which is a couple of miles away and has a larger population is still a village.
    Very best wishes

    Rachael (walkswithstones)

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